Image de Alain Gervais

Alain Gervais


A natural leader who began working in the construction industry at a very young age, Alain Gervais founded CAMA Industries in 2003. As company president, he provides clients with the benefit of his know-how and expertise on a daily basis, providing supervision and a constant presence on worksites. Alain ensures product quality and manages worksites employees for all commercial, institutional and residential construction and renovation projects.

Alain’s success is the result of determination, attention to detail and knowledge in several areas of expertise, ranging from plan analysis, excavation, heavy equipment, concrete, welding, and carpentry, all the way to the finishing touches on projects. He also worked a number of years as carpenter-joiner and supervisor for institutions specialized in exhibitions, including the federal government’s Exhibition Centre. Additionally, he managed the worksite team and the construction project of the Canadian Pavilion at the 1998 Lisbon World Exposition in Portugal.